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5 Ways to Save Money on a Plant Based Diet

When talking to people about going plant based, many people talk about how cost prohibitve it can be. While I recognize that many times vegan products are over priced / more expensive, there are ways to save money that actually make veganism cheaper than eating meat. Here are five ways that I have cut down my costs and kept a plant based diet.  Buy in Bulk  One of the best ways to save money is to buy in bulk. Many grocery stores have a bulk section that allows you to buy rice, grains, nuts, beans and other items by the pound. This cuts down on packaging costs and also allows you to buy only what you need. They are usually...

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Death, Rebirth and Working with The Plant of Resurrection 

In preparation for the New Moon in Cancer I went to an herb shop to purchase supplies for a ritual. I was instantly drawn to a small, brown dried plant that resembled a tumble weed. I held it in my hand and felt it calling me. This plant is called the Rose of Jericho, also known as the Resurrection Plant. Native to the  deserts of Mexico, this plant is able survive years without water by shriveling up its leaves inside itself. When reactivated by water, this plant produces a beautiful green bloom that opens up and lays flat. The metaphor of death and rebirth that this plant possesses is a powerful lesson that I am in the process of learning....

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